Dragonfly – One Device to Unite Them All™

(Last Updated On: January 12, 2015)

Mobile Dual-Display Computing: A major part of the Dragonfly’s value is that it offers all of the well-documented benefits of dual display computing that folds to fit in your pocket to truly magnify your personal performance potential. Because mobile devices traditionally have limited screen real estate and dual display computing has always been desk bound, the Dragonfly makes mobile multi-tasking a reality.

The Dragonfly Slingshot™: The detachable right display like the rest of the Dragonfly architecture is far more than the sum of its parts… Simply put, the right display, known as the Slingshot ™ also detaches to function as a stand-alone Android phone or tablet, with all of the latest features expected of such a device.


“The Slingshot is the only other phablet with a Smartpen and is the only phablet with dock capabilities to the Dragonfly”

One Data Plan to Connect Them All: Also, when it is docked with the base and in dual display mode, the Slingshots 4G LTE antenna tethers to provide connectivity no matter where you are. In other words, you get one device that does the work of three or more, all running on one data plan. That adds up to a savings of hundreds of dollars per year!

The Slingshot on the Go: What makes the Android Slingshot so unique is not just its technical specification, but also the way it cooperates with the base to create a streamlined mobile experience. Let’s say you are downloading a file that you need for a meeting that you are running late for, not to worry! You can take the Dragonfly Slingshot with you and leave the rest of the device at your desk.

The base can still operate via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and still maintain a single fixed display just like any other laptop, as the file continues to download. Once at your meeting, you are never disconnected from your files, which can easily be accessed using the Slingshot and Remote Desktop.

One Cord to Charge Them All: The Dragonfly incorporates a smartphone, tablet, dual display laptop and Bluetooth headset and all are charged with but one cord. This is so simple to use and makes your life so much easier by not having to remember to charge all of your separate devices…so you no longer need a multiple device charging station at your desk.

The Dragonfly Architecture: In addition to the components inside the Slingshot Phablet, the Quad-Folding™ architecture of the Dragonfly offers much more room when unfolded, while at the same time maximizing portability and mobility by folding it closed when it is time to get going.

“By folding and transforming, Dragonfly provides the devices you already use in an elegant new form that creates one device out of three…to truly simplify your life.”

For example, the left side of the case (under the left keyboard section) houses the circuitry that makes the Dragonfly a dual display Windows laptop, while the other side of the case is available for expansion opportunities such as more battery space, storage, connectivity ports, dockable Bluetooth headset, etc.

Multiple Battery Levels at a Glance: Also the smart LED charging light that surrounds the single charging port input on the base is also very intelligently designed. The ring of lights is actually small little LED dots that indicate the battery charging percentage by how many individual lights are illuminated. For example, if there is 100% charge, all will be lit but as the battery charge dissipates, the individual LED’s will indicate the remaining charge by how many are still lit.


Color Coded Charging Levels of All Modules: Furthermore, since there are three major sub-systems that are charged by the one cord, a simple tap on the ring and the LED changes colors to indicate the individual sub-system components charge level (White is for the laptop, green is for the Slingshot and blue of course indicates the Bluetooth headset charge level).


The Dragonfly Experience: From there, the experience only gets better! The Dragonfly’s distinctive architecture lets you not only see more and do more, but also makes it so you have more time to enjoy the things you like to do by the way the components work symbiotically and synergistically.

For example, imagine streaming data through the base to a big screen, be it an HD TV or digital projector for work (presentation), playing (games), or communicating (video conferencing), while the detached Slingshot allows you to control, interact, communicate or annotate at the same time, in real time.

Multi-User Social Computing: This is further exemplified by the fact that the personal computing experience is now a social experience. We introduce the Dragonfly as an extra personal (XPC) meaning not only can the detachable display magnify your own experience, but it also allows you to share, work, play and communicate locally, by simply handing a friend or co-worker the other display.

Now others can interact with you in the form of a game, presentation or video conference to create a more dynamic collaboration. Then when the work day is done, your friends and family can join with you and just unwind, by playing head to head games like Words with Friends, Battleship, Poker, etc.

The Dragonfly is Colorful: It is also a chameleon, with our version of a protective aptly named the Cliq Covers. ™ Cliq Covers allow you to customize and personalize your device like never before. The Cliq Covers quickly and easily allow you to protect AND change the look and feel of your Dragonfly… on the fly. Cliq Covers click to attach magnetically to the backs of the screens, allowing you to protect your Dragonfly and change the colors and finishes to suit your mood by just swapping them with another set.

Out of the Box…Not More Boxes: Part of the integrated solution set that is the Dragonfly, is the elimination and/or integration of accessories by design. Take Bluetooth headsets for example, they are a logical addition to communicating with your device however; they are yet another thing to buy, charge, keep track of and there never seems to be a good place to store them when not in use. Meaning, do you wear it all day or put it in your pocket where they can get broken or covered in lint? Instead, with the Dragonfly you pop it in the back receptacle to keep it charged and always at the ready.

        “Dragonfly’s versatility makes having to buy multiple devices, accessories and data plans … a thing of the past.”

Built-In Tablet Stand: No one likes to hold their tablet while they enjoy a movie, so some people opt to buy some form of tablet stand, which means yet another accessory to buy and carry. The Dragonfly logically solves this as well, since it allows you to fold it completely closed, lift and flip the right display so you now have a tablet stand that is also much more!

Power and Powerful Sound: Due to the simplicity of the design, the Dragonfly lets you keep the Slingshot charged throughout the movie with both the on board battery in the Slingshot and the additional battery in the base. And thanks to the powerful dual rear facing speakers, the Dragonfly Futurefön really boosts your cinematic enjoyment. No more need to buy a separate Bluetooth speaker to get quality sound! The best part, all this is achieved, elegantly and effortlessly with the Dragonfly, such that it will become an indispensable solution to your life!

Affordable Advanced Technology: You may expect that this advanced technology that replaces a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone plus many accessories would command a premium price (as well it should) but at Idealfuture, Inc., we believe that for technology to present a true solution, it must also be affordable! Thus the Dragonfly, which starts at a reasonable $799, cost far less than buying all three devices it replaces combined and in some cases, cost less than buying just a laptop.

“Finally the productivity and performance of dual-display computing…now conveniently in your pocket.”

Productivity: While on the topic of savings, let’s talk for a moment about the most precious resource of all… time! Here is where the Dragonfly, once again, does not disappoint! Dual displays alone have been well documented to increase user productivity 40-60% and in some cases even more. When you integrate them into a mobile framework (which usually precludes true multitasking due to the single small screen) you now have the ability to increase in productivity by perhaps 100%. This is made even more apparent when you consider other productivity drains, such as, having to carry, maintain, and use three separate devices instead of one, is now obsoleted by the Dragonfly’s all inclusive design.

See More and Do More: And let’s not forget, that clearly a full-sized keyboard is much easier to work with than any on screen keyboard. Just as obvious, two displays make you significantly more productive while simultaneously increasing user enjoyment.

No Learning Curve: When you consider all facets of the Dragonfly architecture combined your productivity skyrockets and better allows you to restore balance to your work and personal life. With a learning curve of less than just a few minutes, for the first time and individuals and their corporations can magnify increased productivity of their teams with effectively zero downtime due to learning a new technology. Since the Dragonfly Futurefön has even been thoughtfully designed so that whether it is how to open, use, or work with multiple displays, you are looking at less than 5 minutes worth of training time, which is unprecedented when a disruptive technology is first introduced!

“Dragonfly = Productivity = Time and time is the most precious commodity of all…”

Return on Investment: When all is considered, once you decide to buy the Dragonfly, your Return on Investment (ROI) is quite obvious! Where else can you boost your worker productivity upwards of 60-100%, meaning much more work flow for the same salaries paid? At the same time, reducing your total technology acquisition costs because no longer does a company have to justify the acquisition of two or three devices, plus accessories. The Dragonfly also does away with the need for multiple service contracts per device it replaces and it also consolidates separate data plan costs, into a unified single comprehensive plan.

“The Dragonfly is not as much a hybrid device, as it is a culmination of the best features of the forerunners[laptops, tablets and smartphone] of this technology”  — Jeff Batio, Founder and CEO, Idealfuture, Inc.

Dramatic Productivity and Happiness Boost While Costs Decrease: Finally there is one device that does the work of all three and the combined savings, along with increased worker productivity, while not having to increase salaries or headcount. This is quite a dramatic improvement in both worker morale and company productivity.

100% Compatibility: With respect to software/application compatibility, the Dragonfly Futurefön once again takes center stage. For the first time, we have a new platform that benefits from virtually 100% compatibility across the board. With the simple tap of the unique capacitive toggle button, you can switch from dual display Windows to dual display Android and back again.

Windows Software Compatibility: Due to Windows multi-display support, effectively every Windows based program will run seamlessly on the Dragonfly. Anyone who has used a Windows dual display environment, will need little convincing to see how beneficial that experience is when employed in a mobile architecture.

Android Apps Compatibility: With the advent of Android multi-display awareness, this is just as true with the Android powered Slingshot. In fact, we are starting to see a burgeoning segment of app development focused solely on Android multi-display capabilities. Finally you can now run two Android apps side-by-side at the same time!

One Device to Unite All of Your Software and Apps: When you combine Windows software and Android apps into one convergent device, you now have the benefit of the entire application user experience at your fingertips. One that also happens to conveniently fold to fit in your pocket.

“With its dual displays, everything from working, playing and communicating becomes a breeze.”

Dragonfly Dimensions: The Dragonfly is at its core a highly portable form of computing. The goal of the design was to create a very pocket-friendly form factor that opens to create an even more user friendly and familiar environment. The approximate dimensions of the Dragonfly are as follows:

  • Travel Mode: When completely folded closed, the device measures just 4.25” deep (107.95 mm) by 6.125” (155.575 mm) by 0.95“ (24.13 mm) thin and weighs a svelte 15.95 ounces (452.175 g).
  • Dual Display Mode: When open and in dual display mode, the Dragonfly is a generous 4.25“  (107.95mm) wide by 12.25” (311.15mm) deep by just 0. 5” (12.7 mm) thin.
  • Slingshot Detached Phablet Mode: While the Slingshot itself is only 3.75” (92.25mm) tall, by 6.125” (155.575mm) wide, by 0.375” (  9.525mm) thin and just 5.11 Ounces ( 145 g).

Screen Size and Resolution: The dual 7” Super AMOLED 2560 x 1440 displays provide for an industry leading combined resolution of 5120 X 1440 and a screen size of over 12” when in dual display mode! This boost in resolution and screen real estate is a hallmark of the Dragonfly’s comprehensive and thoughtful design. One that allows you to see and do much more than ever before and have fun doing it!

Keyboard: One of the primary design elements at the core of the Dragonfly is its full-sized, whisper quiet low profile keyboard. This allows a mobile user to truly enjoy a complete and productive computing experience. No more auto-correct misspellings or onscreen keyboard frustration) to hamper your life.

Multiple Pointing Options: The Dragonfly intends to replace the devices you currently are burdened with and with the three pointing options, you can rest easy knowing that you can interact with your information the way you are used to. The slide-out touch pad utilizes the same gestures that you employ on the Slingshot to make your life easier. While the on board Smart-Pen, lets you use your Dragonfly as a true Windows and/or Android Tablet, for the best of all worlds!

“The quad-folding architecture allows for the room and thermal solution, to add the latest and most powerful components while maintaining a pocket-friendly signature”

Performance-Minded Design: Like all mobile technology, our development cycle will be fast paced and we will strive to continuously update our internal components to provide our users with the best performing device on the market.  At Idealfuture, we are performance junkies and will not stand for anything but the best performing mobile solutions worldwide.

The Dragonfly Features:

  • Dual Displays for Double the Screen Real Estate: Dual Super AMOLED 2560 x 1440 = over 12” of eye popping usable work-space!
  • Double the Resolution: when combined, the Dragonfly provides over 12 inches of vivid sapphire crystal protected display area.
  • Dual Batteries: the Dragonfly will have a 3,200 milliamp battery in the Slingshot and a large capacity system battery in the base to keep you unplugged while running longer and faster than anything else around.
  • Dual LTE Antennas: travel and communicate worldwide all with one device.
  • Dual Operating Systems: run all your favorite Android apps alongside the flexibility and power of Windows 8 software.
  • Double the Storage: never run out of room again with up to 128 GB in the Slingshot™ as well as a minimum of 128GB in the base. We have also included an extra pair of SD card slots in each for an additional 128GB!
  • Double the Processing Power: the Slingshot™ features the fastest multi-core processor in a handheld device and the base will run a multicore x86 processor.
  • Double the Camera Power: the Dragonfly will have dual front and rear facing cameras for video chats and docked ‘selfies.’
  • Double the RAM: the Dragonfly features 4GB in the Slingshot and an additional 4GB in the laptop base.
  • Run your life from a SINGLE Data Plan: now you don’t need multiple contracts, headaches and costs for your smartphone and tablets, just ONE device and ONE plan!
  • Built-In Bluetooth headset for uncompromising communication capabilities.

Thermal Solution: This layout also provides a common sense dynamic thermal solution. The Dragonfly Futurefön simultaneously manages, dissipates, and diversifies the heat signatures such that it logically solves the thermal management problems that plague all clam shell laptop designs by separating the internal components across the hinged base sections.

Who are we?: Idealfuture is comprised of individuals who have a common dream; make a personalized, personal computer company that really involves users, making them more productive, giving them cost effective access to the devices they desire and providing them with a true mobile alternative.

Our founder, Jeff Batio, has been working in the industry for years to make his vision of logic and innovation a reality.

Jeff Batio and his innovations have been featured in:

Jeff’s first company, Xentex made the Flip Pad Voyager, the world’s very first multi-display transforming laptop. At a time where his idea was considered “impossible”, Jeff stopped at nothing to bring his innovations to the forefront. He pioneered many innovations and firsts to the computer industry!


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