Sonim XP7 Extreme – The Most Rugged Phone

sonim the most rugged tough smartphone long time standby
sonim the most rugged tough smartphone long time standby
(Last Updated On: January 12, 2015)

The Sonim XP7 Extreme is an UNLOCKED virtually indestructible Android 4.4 KitKat LTE ultra rugged Smartphone. It was built for extreme use and to handle extreme conditions. The XP7 is built from the ground up to handle:

  • Shock and impact resistance above military specs
  • Water submersion up to 6.5 feet (including salt water)
  • Extreme heat and cold temperatures
  • Dirt, mud, sand and dust-proof
  • Endurance – with a 2-3x battery (4800mA) the size of other smartphones
  • Can be used with gloves
  • UNLOCKED (No contract required!)

If you’ve ever broken phones, or feared for your phone, the Sonim XP7 Extreme is the Android LTE Smartphone for you. It can go everywhere you can go, and handle anything you can handle. If your activities are hard on you, hard on your equipment the Sonim XP7 Extreme for you.

The rugged exterior may look like a protective case, but look again. The Sonim XP7 Extreme is NOT a protective phone case.  For over nine years, we at Sonim Technologies have been making the world’s most rugged and durable mobile phones for first responders, construction workers and the military.  With our first Android LTE Smartphone, Sonim is looking for active sports consumers to be “Sonim Explorers” and come along with us to make Sonim smartphones part of an active lifestyle.  So, why is a larger company like Sonim on IndieGoGo? Increasingly, larger companies are looking towards crowdfunding platforms to rapidly and effectively explore new markets and customers. We want the active sports community to buy this phone, and be the first on the mountain, trail, river, or slopes using a smartphone that is a tough as they are.  Sonim phones are Built for Life. (™).

A fully water submersible Sonim XP7 Extreme smartphone is perfect for Boaters(it’s the phone you leave on the boat!), Fishing EnthusiastsKayakersRaftersStand Up Paddleboarders, and anyone else who spends time on open water. Salt spray, gale force winds, deck drops, and river waves from raging rapids are no match for this impenetrable Android. You can even take it for a dive while recording your jump on video and upload to social media in real time!

The Sonim XP7 is off-road ready. Built for Mountain and Road bikersMotocross RidersOff-road Vehicle users, and Motorcycle Owners.  Mud, sand, dirt, drops are no problem. This is no ordinary smartphone.

The Sonim XP7 Extreme can withstand the coldest and snowiest temperatures you can throw at it, which makes it perfect for Downhill and Cross Cross Country, SnowboardingSnowmobilingSnowshoeingIce Climbing and it’s the right phone for a huge snowball fight. Plus you can use the touch screen with your gloves on. No more taking your gloves off on the ski lift to use your phone.

The Sonim XP7 Extreme is built for the Outdoors.  It’s powerful battery will outlast even the longest hiking trails. Campers rejoice, this device has it all. It’s the swiss army knife of smartphones with powerful audio, a glove-responsive touch screen, and a display that can be seen clearly under direct sunlight. Whether you’re HikingCampingFishingHunting or even ripping up your next competitive Mud Run, we’ve got you covered.


  • If you are a person whose office and life is the outdoors.  You work outside, you play outside, and you play hard
  • You are someone whose profession is outside, and your phone is a key lifeline and tool—the ski patrolman, hiking guide, white water rafting guide, surf and SUP instructor, or the construction worker who is in the desert every weekend, or out fishing and hunting
  • Your car or truck is often properly mud spattered, or has some type of rack on the top
  • For you, all the other tools and equipment of your outdoor life are the right ones for what you are doing— your smartphone needs to be too!!!


  • If you are active, a wheels, water, snow, and outdoor sort of person
  • You believe in having the right equipment and tools for your Active pursuits
  • You want a smartphone that’s amazingly durable, water/salt/snow/rain/mud/2 meter drop/shock/pressure resistant, with a three year comprehensive warranty to back it up
  • You want a smartphone with twice the battery life for those long rides and hikes
  • You want a smartphone you can use with gloves, or with a hugely loud speaker phone, and that has a unique screen for outdoor readability
  • The right smartphone to leave on the boat, or to take on weekend motorcycle rides.  The right phone for when you are out in the uncontrollable elements and are going to get dirty

IF any of these seem like you, the Sonim XP7 NEEDS TO BE YOUR “Second Phone”, meaning you are gonna keep your first phone, and use the XP7 as the phone you take outside…and don’t worry, we are shipping phones with SIM and $49 Starter Service from Ultra Mobile (US Customers Only, First 500 Units)!

For a full technical specifications sheet, click here.

Running on an Android 4.4.2 KitKat, the XP7 can handle any data, messaging, or voice application you can think of offered by lesser smartphones; the major difference is that this smartphone can take extreme use and keep on talking, posting, and surfing the web without any damage.

Extreme Durability: It’s 2014, you should be able to drop your phone from your pocket without your face freezing in fear.The Sonim XP7 was developed to surpass military grade drop criteria. Phone fell out of your pocket while on your bike or your motorcycle? No problem.

Extremely Waterproof: The XP7 is waterproof up to 6 feet for 90 minutes. It goes places you never dreamed of taking your Smartphone — from taking video while snorkeling, pictures while kayaking, surviving accidental falls in the pool, or spills in the mud while mountain biking.  Submit photos and videos to Instagram and Vine from places you never dreamed possible.

Extremely Long Battery Life: With the longest lasting battery on the market, up to 2-3x the capacity of ‘regular’ smartphones, you can stop worrying about draining your battery on your 100-mile bike ride. Up to 40 hours of talk time and 1,000 hours of standby time, means you’ve got the peace of mind to know that you’ll have battery when your friends are all out of juice. Leave your GPS and screen on all day, no problem.

Extremely Loud Speaker:  Designed initially for Police and Fire who need to be able to talk above the noise, hands free, the XP7 has as 103dB speakerphone.  What does that mean?  It means it’s LOUD.  You’ve never heard anything like it, especially for a handsfree conversation, or hearing those turn-by-turn directions over wind-noise.

Glove Usability: No need to take your gloves off on on the chair lift, losing feeling in your fingertips and nearly dropping your phone.  The custom screen on the XP7 has been specifically designed to be used with your gloves on, and with wet or dirty hands.

Outdoor Readable Screen:  Another custom feature of the XP7 allows for High Visibility Display in Direct Sunlight, aided by the Blanview by Ortustech which has been specifically designed for outdoor readability, even in direct sunlight.

The three year warranty covers normal use, and includes accidental breakage. The XP7 Extreme is built for whatever your life throws at you, and whatever you can take.  It will take Extreme Use like you would not believe, just not intentional damage (yes someone once cut the phone in half)   And if someone hits it with a hammer, or drops it off a stone cliff, or uses it as a hockey puck for an hour (yes, that’s happened)…guess what, it will break, and that’s not covered.  For three years, you use the XP7, you use the XP7 hard, cold, muddy, wet, and snowy, and have it fall when you do, or drop from your freezing wet fingers, we have you covered!


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